Effect of Tai Chi Chuan on balance in women with multiple sclerosis

Elaheh Azimzadeha, Mohammad Ali Hosseinia,Kian Nourozia, Patricia Mary Davidson

  • Tai Chi exercise is helpful to MS patients' movement balance.
  • Tai Chi exercise reduces the risk of fall.
  • Nurses can use Tai Chi as a preventive technique.


To examine the effect of Tai Chi Chuan on balance in women with multiple sclerosis in Iran.


36 women with multiple sclerosis who were members of the Iranian Multiple Sclerosis Society participated in this study. 18 participants were allocated to the intervention group and 18 allocated to the control group. The intervention consisted of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan exercise sessions twice a week for 12 weeks.

Main outcome measures

This study used a demographic questionnaire and the Berg Balance Scale (BBS) to collect data.


After 12 weeks, the mean score of the BBS in the intervention group demonstrated a statistically significant improvement in comparison with baseline status.


The results suggest that Tai Chi Chuan could be used as a safe complementary intervention to increase balance in patients with multiple sclerosis.

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