Tai Chi and Stress Relief

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We live in an age where stress is everywhere and a part of everything. Tai chi is a great way to relieve some of the build up, which is necessary to maintain, healthy, sanity and wellness.

 Tai Chi and Stress Relief

tai chi and stress

How tai chi works against stress:

1.  Stress is a fancy word for tension. Tai chi has systematic and progressive  processes that teach you how to relax your body and mind.

2.  Stress lodges in  the body in different places. These areas become weakened over time, and as stress escalates, these places become ever-more vulnerable. However, it’s a negative feedback loop because the damage can also cause a stress response, which gets the whole body involved. So this business about only being as strong as your weakest link has some validity.

Tai Chi works every single part of the body. If any particular place in your body calls attention to it–pain, discomfort, weakness–it’s easy to target. However, what is unique about tai chi, and all the internal martial arts, is that it’s targeted not as a separate motion, but within the general flow of the  movement. Not many Western exercise programs can claim such systemic results.P

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