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All the latest news from the media and medical studies related to Tai Chi and Qigong.

An evidence map of the effect of Tai Chi on health outcomes

Michele R. Solloway et al, NCBI


This evidence map describes the volume and focus of Tai Chi research reporting health outcomes. Originally developed as a martial art, Tai Chi is typically taught as a series of slow, low-impact movements that integrate the breath, mind, and physical activity to achieve greater awareness and a sense of well-being.

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Tai Chi and the NHS

by Mark Peters, pub. Tai Chi Union of Great Britain

Getting Tai Chi into the NHS is challenging but not without its rewards for all concerned.

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How-to guide to prescribing exercise for chronic health conditions

Canadian Medical Association Journal

Exercise helps to alleviate the symptoms of many chronic health conditions such as knee osteoarthritis, low back pain, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes, heart disease and more, yet it is often overlooked as a treatment. A new review aims to provide an easy-to-use how-to guide for health care professionals to prescribe exercise for specific chronic diseases.

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Scientists Wowed by Tai Chi Health Benefits

By Valerie Burke, MSN on GreenMedInfo

There are good reasons for Tai Chi's exploding popularity—its list of evidence-based health benefits is so long that many are calling this walking meditation, "walking medication"

Tai chi has grown in popularity to the point that it's giving yoga a run for its money. Now practiced by about 3.5 million Americans,[1] Tai Chi boasts a mountain of scientific literature supporting its health benefits for people of all ages and abilities—from healthy young adults to the elderly or wheelchair bound. Investigations suggest a regular Tai Chi practice can bring welcome relief from a variety of medical conditions.

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