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Tai chi is the perfect antidote to a digital age

By Florence Waters / The Telegraph

Taiwanese scientists are making new claims for the health benefits of tai chi, and it’s the ideal way to slow down

This week a young woman came to watch our tai chi class to find out if she’d like to join in. By the first tea break she seemed a bit baffled by some of the exercises, in particular one that involved “rooting” to the ground by tipping the pelvis towards the centre of the foot. Mostly, though, she looked bored off her head. “I first tried tai chi 10 years ago. Thought it was a complete rip-off,” says one of my classmates. Sitting back cradling a palm-sized cup of green tea, he laughs at himself now. “Different frame of mind then, I suppose.”

Bored, baffled, ripped-off: all things that crossed my mind in my first few weeks learning tai chi. But eight months in, I can’t get enough of it. How did this happen?

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