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Why Chinese exercises...are so good for patients’ all-round health

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South China Morning Post: Jeanette Wang 11 Mar, 2016 6:33pm

Why Chinese exercises such as tai chi are so good for patients’ all-round health

Practising tai chi, qigong and other such exercises lowers blood pressure, bad cholesterol and triglycerides, and reduces depression, in stroke patients and people with heart disease and high blood pressure

Lifestyle Medicine in the UK: Going Mainstream?

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Water for a Health blog, April 9, 2018

Tai Chi and Qigong is often described as “Lifestyle Medicine”. It is rapidly becoming part of a trend promoting health through hydration, nutrition, detoxification and a positive lifestyle.

Building strength through tai chi

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The Seattle Times, Oct 2018. By JANE E. BRODY, The New York Times

Watching a group of people doing tai chi, an exercise often called “meditation in motion,” it may be hard to imagine that its slow, gentle, choreographed movements could actually make people stronger. Not only stronger mentally but stronger physically and healthier as well.

Good Life Practice

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by Keith Sharp, a local experienced and approved Tai Chi & Qigong (TCQ) instructor

Qigong (pronounced Chee Ghun) is an easily accessible mindful movement practice for all ages, good for promoting balance and wellbeing.

Qi is the energy that runs through us all, while Gong means the skill acquired through practicing a discipline. Qigong is therefore an energy skill and offers a system of healing exercises and meditations to enhance all areas of life.

It is some 3,000 years old and forms the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Qi is ‘life force’ with Qigong considered ‘internal energy cultivation.’ The evidence base that Qigong is safe has the potential to become a cost effective and widely accessible holistic practice.